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Our accounts package Carys Accounts(TM) provides flexibility and ease of use. Training is not difficult. We intend to provide a demonstration of the system on the web.
Carys Accounts are designed to produce invoices and accounts that are used to monitor an existing cashflow forecast, as well as provide management information and information for taxation purposes.

Use Carys Accounts to produce Invoices for your business. If you just use a wordprocessing package - outstanding debtors easily get out of control. Carys Accounts has the simplicity of a record book. The analysis of accounts is driven by the management codes set up by the business owner. These codes are simple and intuitive. - No cryptic account numbers. Accountancy Fees may be coded as ACC not 7351A. These codes are easily accessed by Popups and List Boxes so that data entry is pleasurable. Due to our powerful database, individual records can be locked. So no posting process is necessary. Once a transaction has gone through the bank (actioned by entering a statement date on the transaction) is reconciled or registered with VAT the transaction is locked. Until then you may simply delete and reenter a faulty transaction. However once locked you are still able to correct a misallocated code by amending it.

Key Benefits

Easy to use. No expensive training required.- it is based on record keeping as defined in a straightforward record keeping book. We also plan to put our training videos on the web so they will always be accessible.

Produce customised Invoices and monitor debtors.

Gain important Management Information.

Cashflow Monitor against the original cashflow - nip problems in the bud.