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Caravan Accounts and Management System



A professional Management and Accounts system designed by a caravan storage site owner who has been successfully storing caravans for nineteen years.

  • Routine Reminders/Invoices created at each Anniversary date. Monthly, quarterly etc.
  • Rollback Facility.
  • Customised billing Design. Advertise your business with your invoice. VAT calculations.Accounts proved by monthly reconciliation. Easy to understand process
  • Monthly and Final Year Accounts produced to Trial Balance for accountants.
  • Debtor management reports.
  • Caravan Manual Audit System to help meet CASSOA standards.
  • Customer contact information and other details easily available.
  • Mail Labelling facility
  • Authorized Car Registration Report
  • Further customisation by negotiation
  • Data Archiving Facility
Basic Cost
  • Basic Manual Audit Check System - £250
  • Invoice and Audit £600
  • Spreadsheet System £150
  • Customised Invoices, Logos, WebSites, Stickers and Exit Cards also provided.
  • Annual support package including remote assistance £250.00
Electronic mail

Telephone: 01494 765846 Mobile: 07810 437236